Historic Military Speeches

  • ISBN:  978-0-9913011-5-7

  • 445 pages

  • 104 photo

  • Trade softcover

  • Retail:  $19.00

Warfare and history cannot be separated. For better or worse, military events have shaped the world. Since antiquity military leaders have motivated soldiers and countrymen via the spoken word and written proclamations. Words can captivate, challenge, and inspire. In fact, words have proven to be mankind's most powerful tool for both good and evil purposes. They can promote love, hate, blind faith, and service obedience. This book examines unique speeches, proclamations, and letters from 104 elite visionaries who lived part of their lives on the military world stage. From ancient times into the modern era their words have altered the world in which we live. Their lives have evolved into our history.


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