Murphy's Laws of Combat - Second Edition

  • ISBN:  978-0-9650814-6-7
  • 366 pages
  • 52 photos
  • 98 illustrations
  • Trade softcover
  • Retail:  $15.00

Do you want to stay alive in combat? If so, read and heed Murphy’s laws, rules, axioms, and advice for warriors. If you hate warrior wannabes and whiny-babies, this is the guidebook for you. There are separate chapters for Infantry laws and Aviation laws of combat. Plus, there are special laws for those unfortunate souls who have to ride in helicopters. Off duty, study Murphy’s time-tested beer-drinking guide. Avoid the principles of stupidity. Learn rules of sex and seduction, the analysis of “politically correct disease,” and much more. Plus, there is a serious look at the military heritage of the U.S. Armed Forces – patriot dreams, fighting words, combat quotations, and military superlatives for the professional American Warrior.


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