MAYDAY:  Accident Reports and Voice Transcripts from Airline Crash Investigations

  • ISBN: 978-0-9650814-3-6
  • 461 pages
  • 23 photos
  • 6 illustrations
  • Trade softcover
  • Retail:  $19.00

This book is an invaluable resource for aviation professionals. For each accident the reader will witnesses the aerial crisis, the accident, the “black box” recording, the investigation, and discover the often-elusive “probable cause.” The book examines airline accidents caused by mechanical failure, fire, mid-air collision, terrorist hijacking, and human error. Also, accidents caused by sabotage, suicide, fuel exhaustion, mistaken identity, shoot-downs, spatial disorientation, hazardous weather, controlled flight into terrain, and other aerial perils. The author is a former military and commercial pilot. Armed with meticulous research, he cuts through the fog of technical aviation jargon and describes each accident in easy-to-understand layman’s language. Readers embark on a brutally accurate journey through commercial aviation history. They re-live the airline accidents which have marred man’s conquest of the skies. The book is a gut-wrenching and mesmerizing read for aviation professionals and aviation enthusiasts.


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