Bald Eagle of Edgefield - First Edition


  • ISBN:  978-0-9650814-9-8
  • 504 pages
  • 99 photos
  • 86 illustrations
  • Trade Softcover
  • Retail:  $15.00

Martin Gary from rural Edgefield, South Carolina, would become a pivotal player on the national stage. During the American Civil War he rose from captain to major general and commanded all Confederate cavalry forces north of Richmond. After the war Gary served in his state senate. Endowed with a brilliant incisive mind and a charismatic persona, he led the successful struggle to end the despised Reconstruction Era in the southern United States. He evolved into the most volatile leader in the South. Profane and controversial, Gary electrified audiences with mesmerizing oratory. He fought for accountability in government and vilified all who disagreed with him. His devotees viewed him as an intellectual giant; a fiscal reformer; a champion for the common man, the farmer, the laborer, the merchant, and the taxpayer. Exclusive of Gary’s insistence on Caucasian political rule, he epitomized the “Donald Trump” of the Nineteenth Century. There was no middle ground. People loved him – or they hated him. He died in 1881 at only 50 years of age. Yet, his fiery impact on United States government would last until the civil rights movement of the 1960s..


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