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The American Civil War created the greatest human catastrophe in United States history. Many thousands of books have chronicled military events during that calamitous conflict. Without politically correct psycho-babble this book focuses upon core issues, not upon military events. Primary emphasis is directed toward casualties and the common Confederate combatant. The war snuffed out lives of about 741,000 soldiers from the North and South. Roughly 56,000 died in squalid POW camps. Over 325,000 more were maimed or crippled, and about 63,000 of them lost one or more limbs. Further, 54,000 civilians of both sexes and all ages were slaughtered by guerrillas, partisans, and vigilantes. The human toll staggers the senses. After the Reconstruction Era, Confederate soldiers who survived promoted unity with the United States. Veterans from the North and South joined hands and became the backbone of society. Together they built the framework for modern-day America. Over passing years the wartime and post-war service of these veterans became honored and respected. No other group of citizens ever has made a greater contribution to the United States of America.


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